The logo comprises a symbol plus the word Visma. The red symbol is a stylised pie diagram, that links it to the economic dedication of the organisation. The gap of the missing pie slice also symbolises a «V» for Visma.
In the logo, the word Visma uses a specially designed typeface, set in black capital letters.
The name Visma originally derives from the term visual management, and in a broad sense captures the essence of our business.

The Visma corporate logo is to be used on all company communication.

The logo (i.e. symbol and logotype) should always be used as a single unity.
Avoid splitting symbol and logotype.
The symbol can be used without the logotype only on extream occations, please get approval from Corporate Marketing.
Do not alter the logo in animations or presentations. This includes stretching, rotating or applying any types of effects.

Minimum height of the logo when used in prints.

How to center the logo.

Vertical centering line. (Centered from the «i» in the logotype.)

How to separate the logo from other elements.

(Key rule: The minimum distance to any other element equals the size of the symbol when placed on all sides of the logo).

In all prints the logo must be placed at the bottom right corner of the page. It can also be centered at the bottom of the page if the above content is centered as well.
The latest versions of the logos can always be found on the Visma intranet. The logoes are typically used without resizing. Placed as described above and on facing page.
The logo size can be changed when the format is larger than A3