Custom Solutions

Software and solutions for digitalisation of public services and advanced businesses

Custom Solutions

Division Director: Carsten Boje Møller

Revenue 2017: NOK 1,238 million

Employees: 1,097

Target Market:

  • Central government, institutions, organizations and NGOs 
  • Large businesses

Value Proposition: 

Our goal is to help our clients to stay at the forefront of the digitalization of processes and services in the Nordics. Our IT consultants help governmental institutions, associated organisations and large businesses to automate their processes. We develop eGovernment and self-service solutions that improve service quality and that are less resource demanding.

Our consultants also provide efficient application management, maintenance and continuous development of our customers’ IT solutions.

Key figures


  • Custom Solutions: NOK 1,238 M

  • Total: NOK 9,146 M

Revenue per country

  • Norway NOK 364 M

  • Sweden NOK 295.6 M

  • Denmark NOK 300.1 M

  • Finland NOK 279.6 M


  • Custom Solutions: 1,238

  • Total: 7,150

Key delivery

Software solutions and consulting for the public sector

Visma’s IT consultants and software developers create systems and solutions that enable public sector institutions to capture, curate, store, search, share, analyse, and visualise large amounts of information. Handling large data sets is especially important – and challenging – in the public sector where information exchange between multiple public bodies is required and where much of the information is of a sensitive nature.

When delivering software solutions to the public sector, Visma’s consultants provide both customised and standard solutions and develop integration between IT systems. We specialize in automation, integration and self-service solutions, and our application management service ensures efficient maintenance and continuous development of IT solutions.

Amongst the core deliveries are ERP and HRM/Payroll solutions especially adapted for the government and non-profit sector.

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