Cloud solutions and software for large enterprises and public sector


Division Director: Nils Vold

Revenue 2017: NOK 2,332 million

Employees: 3,148

Target markets:

  • Municipalities, governmental institutions and organizations (software for finance, ERP, HRM, education, welfare and healthcare)
  • Large private enterprises (all kinds of essential business software)

Value Proposition: 

We are the leading Nordic provider of software solutions to the public and non-profit sector. Our software improves work processes and makes it easier to collaborate and stay focused on delivering the services people need. In addition to software for ERP, payroll, healthcare and childcare, we are now leading the transitions to more efficient school admin solutions in the Nordics. 

For large private enterprises, the transition to cloud software is our most important growth enabler in the years ahead. Even large enterprises are able to move their core systems for financials, logistics and payroll to the cloud.

Key figures


  • Enterprise: NOK 2,332 M

  • Total: NOK 8,537 M

Revenue per country

  • Norway NOK 734.3 M

  • Sweden NOK 933 M

  • Denmark NOK 253.4 M

  • Finland NOK 200.7 M

  • The Netherlands NOK 109.1 M

  • Latvia NOK 68.9 M

  • Others NOK 32.3 M


  • Enterprise: 3,148

  • Total: 8,250

Key deliveries

ERP and HRM software

Designed for public sector and large enterprises, our full-scale ERP system comes with accounting, logistics, invoicing, reporting – all fully integrated. Visma also delivers the hub for all HR activities for customers in the public sector and for large private enterprises: Payroll, expense claims, appraisal interviews, competence analysis and more.

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School admin and healthcare solutions

Visma provides teachers and school administrations with mobile solutions for efficient collaboration, communication with students, and the running of the schools day-to-day operations.

In the healthcare sector, Visma provides senior citizens and healthcare professionals with communication tools and welfare technology for the home. This enables senior citizens to receive the healthcare services they require to continue living at home rather than having to move to an institution.

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