Innovative solutions for large enterprises and public sector


Division Director: Nils Vold

Revenue 2018: NOK 3,585 million

Employees: 3,837

Target markets:

Municipalities, governmental institutions and organisations and large private enterprises

Value Proposition: 

As the leading provider of business software to the public sector and large private enterprises in Northern Europe, we develop innovative solutions that help our customers thrive. Investments in product development and advanced technology are key success factors for Visma Enterprise.

We are committed to promote competitiveness and contribute to the growth and efficiency of our customers. Our solutions improve the everyday lives of millions of end-users, encompassing financial management and HRM systems, procurement, school administration and welfare solutions.

Key figures


  • Enterprise: NOK 3,585 million

  • Total: NOK 11,389 million

Revenue per country

  • Norway: NOK 945 million

  • Sweden: NOK 1,099 million

  • Denmark: NOK 245 million

  • Finland: NOK 260 million

  • The Netherlands: NOK 896 million

  • Latvia NOK 81 million

  • Argentina: 19 million


  • United Kingdom: 10 million


  • Ireland: 31 million



  • Enterprise: 3,837

  • Total: 9,500

Key deliveries

HRM and Financial Management

Designed for the public sector and large enterprises, our fully integrated solutions automate complex and repetitive HR and financial processes. Seamless solutions for financial management gives customers valuable insights and a foundation for transactional efficiency and control.

Our intuitive HRM-systems encompass the life cycle of day to day work and enable full insight into the workforce, comprising payroll, HR administration, talent management and workforce management.

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Visma simplifies and streamlines companies purchasing and tender procedures.  Customers can easily manage tenders and seize control of all company purchases with efficient, digitised procurement solutions. Our solutions support all aspects of an organisation’s procurement process - from the moment a need arises to the payment for a product or service is received.


The public sector faces challenges - but also great opportunities - when transitioning to a more technology-driven way of delivering their services. Visma is strongly positioned in the public sector in Norway, due to a holistic offering of innovative and efficient welfare solutions. The welfare domain consists of solutions within health care, social care, child care and archiving.

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School Administration

With more than 3.5 million users of our school solutions, we provide teachers and school administrations with tools for efficient collaboration, communication with students, and the running of the school's day-to-day operations. Our school solutions contribute to a more efficient and flexible school administration - from kindergarten to higher education and adult learning.

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