IT & Hosting

Leading Nordic provider of hosting solutions

IT & Hosting

Division Director: Espen HÃ¥konsen

Revenue 2017: NOK 310 million

Employees: 204

Target Market:

  • Small and medium sized Businesses and consumers in need of powerful and easy-to-use hosting services.

Value Proposition: 

Visma IT & Hosting provides IT operations and hosting services to more than 350.000 customers. We enable them to achieve their goals by offering best in class tailored IT solutions that are secure, innovative, simplified and efficient. We are the leading Nordic provider of hosting solutions. We also provide the global Visma community itself the tools and framework they need to innovate their software business.

Our international teams base their work on our wide knowledge of IT service delivery in on-premise environments, in hosting environments and in the cloud, both public and private. To accommodate this in a certified and formal manner we are certified in the fields of controls (ISAE 3402), security (ISO 27001), quality (ISO 9001) and IT service delivery (ISO 20000:1). Our certificates also extend to our enterprise agreements on Microsoft Azure and Amazon AWS.


Key figures


  • IT & Hosting: NOK 301 M

  • Total: NOK 9,346 M

Revenue per country

  • Norway NOK 110.2 M

  • Sweden NOK 142.3 M

  • Czech Republic NOK 52.1 M

  • Others NOK 5.6 M


  • IT & Hosting: 204

  • Total: 6,858

Key deliveries

IT and Hosting services

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