Leading supplier of new and innovative software and IT solutions for the retail sector


Division Director: Peter Fischer

Revenue 2016: 
NOK 1,038.9 million

Employees: 619

Target market: 
Retailers and large international retail chains

Value proposition: 

Our ambition is to provide retailers with the best tools to stay competitive in a rapidly changing world of shopping and commerce. To do this they need to provide the customers a seamless shopping experience. As a result, they will gain more loyal customers.

Our software and solutions enable the retailers to engage empowered consumers before, during, and after a purchase. This is achieved through sophisticated use of technology, supporting all necessary processes at all levels.

As a full-range supplier, we offer consultancy, project management, installation, education, support, technical service and IT-operations. Mobile shopping solutions – supporting both retailers and consumers – are increasingly essential in this digital age of retail.


Key figures


  • Retail: NOK 1,055 M

  • Total: NOK 9,146 M

Revenue per country

  • Norway NOK 595.9 M

  • Sweden NOK 449.6 M

  • Denmark NOK 9.7 M

  • Others NOK 19.1 M


  • Retail: 691

  • Total: 7,150


Key delivery

Retail software and infrastructure

Several of the Nordic region’s largest and most successful retail chains run Visma solutions. With a single source of master data and fully integrated solutions for both headquarter and stores, large retailers achieve an automated flow of information and accounting data throughout their value chains, backoffice as well as point of sale.

With our help Retailers can successfully attract customers to the marketplace, increase sales through enhanced shopping experience and create loyal customers – all through clever use of technology supporting all the necessary processes at all levels.

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