Software and cloud solutions for small and medium sized businesses


Division Director: Eivind GundersenDirector of the Software SMB division: Eivind Gundersen.

Revenue 2016:
NOK 3,900 million

Employees: 2,586

Target market:
Small businesses and start-ups.

Value proposition:
A complete range of efficient and easy to use business admin solutions for small businesses; including web based accounting and invoicing, CRM solutions, purchasing cooperation schemes, web shops, email and hosting.

Our customer promise is to make cloud software a true game changer for businesses in all our markets. With its compelling capabilities for process efficiency, data harvest and availability, it changes the way we work, trade, collaborate and provide services. Visma leads the way in the transition to cloud technology and mobile software solutions.

With this cloud based software and automation of business processes, we help small and medium sized businesses to increase and sustain their profitability and growth.


Key figures


  • SMB: NOK 3,900 M

  • Total: NOK 7,855 M

Revenue per country

  • Norway NOK 1,511 M

  • Sweden NOK 1,293 M

  • Finland NOK 563 M

  • The Netherlands NOK 198 M

  • Denmark NOK 319 M

  • Others NOK 17 M


  • SMB: 2,586

  • Total: 5,493


Key deliveries

Accounting and billing software

For our smallest customers we offer a range of easy to use, web based solutions for accounting and billing. For larger businesses in the SMB segment, we offer – one of very few solutions worldwide that provide mid-range and large businesses with a complete cloud-based business solution.

Acknowledging that the transition to a cloud-based business model is a complex process for SMBs, Visma offers solutions that are evolutionary rather than revolutionary, with most of our cloud-based services being compatible with our locally installed business software solutions.

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Automation of accounts receivable

Purchasing, invoicing, collection, debt recovery – these processes are vital, but can tie up resources and reduce cash flow. Visma has invested heavily in developing solutions that allow SMBs to manage the entire cycle of accounts receivable in one automated flow, with real-time updates of customer payments in their ledgers. Visma customers are able to dispatch their own reminders, or outsource this function along with debt collection, all from within their Visma ERP system.

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Purchasing management

Through our solution for administrative purchases, SMBs across the Nordic region are able to save both time and money with a range of pre-negotiated deals.

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Visma’s hosting services provide high quality web hosting – including domains, e-mail, websites and Microsoft Office 365 at competitive prices to both businesses and consumers across North and Central Europe.

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Sofware for accounting practices

Visma’s cloud solution for the accounting industry affects every part of how practices run their business. From collaboration and customer care to resource management and pricing strategies.

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