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Software GLA

Acting Division Director: Øystein MoanCEO and Acting Division Director of the Software GLA Division: Øystein Moan.

Revenue 2015: NOK 2,945 million

Employees: 2,459

Target Market:

  • Central and local government, institutions and organizations providing education, welfare services, and healthcare services. Non-profit and non-government organisations.
  • Large enterprises and retailers.

Value Proposition:
Visma provides the public and non-profit sector with solutions for improving work processes, reducing superfluous bureaucracy, and simplifying collaboration. Visma has a special focus on supplying e-government solutions.

To large enterprises, Visma provides turn-key solutions to streamline end-to-end admin processes within their business.


Key figures


  • GLA: NOK 2,945 M

  • Total: NOK 8,338 M

Revenue per country

  • Norway NOK 1,339 M

  • Sweden NOK 1,052 M

  • Denmark NOK 308 M

  • Finland NOK 164 M

  • The Netherlands NOK 81 M


  • GLA: 2,459

  • Total: 7,440

Key deliveries

Software solutions and consulting for the public sector

Visma’s IT consultants and software developers create systems and solutions that enable public sector institutions to capture, curate, store, search, share, analyse, and visualise large amounts of information. Handling large data sets is especially important – and challenging – in the public sector where information exchange between multiple public bodies is required and where much of the information is of a sensitive nature.

When delivering software solutions to the public sector, Visma’s consultants provide both customised and standard solutions and develop integration between IT systems. We specialize in automation, integration and self-service solutions, and our application management service ensures efficient maintenance and continuous development of IT solutions.

Amongst the core deliveries are ERP and HRM/Payroll solutions especially adopted for the government and non-profit sector.

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School admin and healthcare solutions

Visma provide teachers and school administrations with mobile solutions for efficient collaboration, communication with students, and the running of the schools day-to-day operations.

In the healthcare sector, Visma provide senior citizens and healthcare professionals with communication tools and welfare technology for the home. This enables senior citizens to receive the healthcare services they require to continue living at home rather than having to move to an institution.

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Procurement and Tendering

Through Visma’s cloud-based procurement solution, purchasers in the public sector can create, advertise, and manage their procurements and contracts in one place.

It is the Nordic region’s largest marketplace for procurers and suppliers, and it is the preferred procurement solution for several hundred governmental departments within the public sector across the Nordic region.

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Automating the receivable management process

Large enterprises can achieve vast margins and profit gains by streamlining and automating the receivables management process. For outstanding claims, Visma offers to handle the entire process – from invoice distribution and first-line customer care to dunning and debt collection. Visma customers can run the entire process from their ERP system. Sending a claim to debt collection is literarily done by a mouse click. And bank integration ensures that accounts are always up to date. In sum, a solution that will radically improve a company’s workflow.

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Retail software and infrastructure

Several of the Nordic region’s largest and most successful retail chains run Visma solutions. With a single source of master data and fully integrated solutions for both headquarter and stores, large retailers achieve an automated flow of information and accounting data throughout their value chains, backoffice as well as point of sale.

With our help Retailers can successfully attract customers to the marketplace, increase sales through enhanced shopping experience and create loyal customers – all through clever use of technology supporting all the necessary processes at all levels.

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