We keep our customers one step ahead

Vision, mission and values

We work towards:
Providing IT solutions that keep our customers one step ahead of their competition

We are here to:
Promote competitiveness and contribute to the creation of growth and effectiveness for our customers

We live by:
Respect, reliability, innovation, competence and team spirit

"Stay one step ahead. Let software perform mundane tasks. Replace on-prem systems with cloud solutions. Enter the future together with Northern Europe’s leading provider of business software."

Turning your administrative and business processes into a competitive advantage

Visma makes businesses more efficient by integrating and automating admin and business processes.

When optimizing for efficiency, the goal posts are constantly moved. There will always be parts of an operation that can be performed more efficiently – or automated altogether. And working in a highly innovative field, what is best practice today may well be outdated tomorrow.

At Visma, this is what drives us. We live for providing solutions and services that are of such high quality that they turn our customers’ business and administrative processes into competitive advantages. That means offering world-leading solutions today, as well as tapping into the possibilities the technology of tomorrow presents.


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