Buying credits

When sending documents for signing with Visma Addo you pay with credits. You only pay per. signed document, meaning that if the recipient does not sign the document, you will not be charged any credits.

There are no subscription associated with the use of Visma Addo, and there is no extra cost of sending text messages and E-mail notifications. 

The price per signature depends on what signing option you choose for the recipient. You can constantly keep an eye on your credit balance in the top menu.

How to buy more credits

  1. Go to "Account" in the top menu
  2. Select how many credits you wish to add to your account. The more credits you buy, the cheaper the cost of a single credit will be. You can also choose to buy less than 50 credits by enter the desired amount under "Other amount". You can then see the single credit price for the amount of credits selected.
  3. Click "Buy now"
  4. On the checkout page, you will the billing information and order details. Enter the payment information and click "Complete paymemnt".
  5. Save your receipt or see it under "Invoices"

Automatic top up 

When you purchase credits, you can choose whether you want to make Visma Addo top-up your credit balance automatically, so you do not risk running out. You can even choose the amount of credits Visma Addo should top up. Read more about Automatic top-up

Contact support

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