Creating groups

You can create and assign users to groups in Visma Addo. A group can have its own templates specific to that particular group. As an example a HR group can contain templates relevant to a HR task as requesting signatures on recruitment contracts. Follow this guide and learn how to set up groups in Visma Addo.

Find list of groups

  • Click on Account in the top menu
  • Select Users
  • At the right you will find the list of the groups. The list contains information as group name, amount of members and a group administrator.

Create a group

  1. Click Add new group
  2. Fill in the group name
  3. Write a brief description of the group
  4. Click Save to save to group

You can deactivate a group if it is no longer needed. A deactivated group can easily be reactivated. If you choose to instead delete a group it is not able to be undone.

Add users to groups

At the left side of the screen, you will find the list of users connected to the Visma Addo account. 

  1. Selected the users you want to add to a group by checking the box to the left of the users name.
  2. Go to the bottom of the user list
  3. Choose from the dropdown which groups the users should be added to
  4. Then click Add

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