Creating new template

Template can makes it easier and faster for you to send a document for signing. Compose a template with your prefered settings and reuse it as often as you want. You can easily edit in a template if you find it needs changes. From the template list, you can create new templates or editing existing. Here you will learn how to create and manage templates. 

Watch the video or read the guide below.

Creating a new template

If you want to learnhow to create a new template, here how to do. In this guide we will create a template with a simple signing flow.

Note! No matter if you are creating a template with a simple or advanced signing flow you should follow the first steps in this guide where we will review the basic settings, notification settings and security settings. 

  1. Go to Account in the top menu and then click on Templates. Here you will see the complete lists of templates. 
  2. Select Create new template.
    Note! You can add a new template to the list of standard templates. If you have create any groups you can also choose you create a nre template for that specific group. If you create a template for a group, it will only be available for the group members. 
  3. Give your template a name eg. Employment contract, vendor contract og standard contract.
  4. Then choose Simple under Signing flow. 
  5. Choose the prefered signing method and log in method
  6. Now lets look at the notification settings. First of all you have to choose how you wish to send notifications to your recipients. Notification imply both invitations to sign, reminders and reciept. You can choose between E-mail or SMS.

  7. Then choose the length of the signing periode. As default Visma Addo sets a signing periode of 14 days.
  8. Then choose how often Visma Addo should send reminder to your recipients notifying them of the pending signing. Set it by interval eg. every second day or every fourth day. Reminders will onlt be sent of your recipients forgets to sign.
  9. You can also determined when the last reminder should be sent. As default it is set to one day before the signing period expires.
  10. The invitation text is sent to the recipient to notify them that a document is awaiting their signature. Visma Addo has already written a standard text which you can edit to the your prefered invitation text. If you do not change anything Visma Addo will send the standard text. The same applies to reminder text and receipt text.
  11. For the security settings you have to choose whether or not to password protect the document onced they have been signed. If you choose to protect them with a password you have two options. Either the password will be the social security number of the recipient or the recipient can choose a password. 

  12. If you have chosen signature with touchscreen or mouse the Additional settings will be available to you. Here you can specify what information should be shown along with the signature. You can choose you also show the name of the recipient and the date of the signing. 

  13. Under Document you can add if any documents should be included when you create a new siging based on this template. Eg. if you have Terms and Condition that should always be sent when requesting a signature on a sales contract. Adding this to the templates makes it easier and faster when creating the signing.
  14. If you know that a specific person will always be a recipient when using this template, you can add them to the template. This way the specific recipient will already be visible ind the sending flow when you reach the recipients step. 
  15. Recipient of copy lets you add recipient who needs a copy of the signed document but who is not part of the signing flow. You can add up to five recipients of copy. 

  16. Click Save and your template can now be use to create signings. 

Editing a template

  1. Go to the list of temapltes and click on the one you want to change.
  2. The template is new in editing mode and you can edit all of the settings or add documents. 
  3. Then you are done you can choose to Save it as a new template or just to just click Save to overwrite the original template. 

Deleting a template

A template that is no longer in use can be deleted. 

  1. From the templates list click on the template you want to delete.
  2. Scroll down to the bottom an click Delete.

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