Managing user profiles

As a company, you may need to create multiple users with access to the company’s Visma Addo account. In this guide, we explain how to create and maintain user accounts on Visma Addo.

Show user profiles

To see the list of user profiles associated with your Visma Addo account, do the following.

  1. Go to Account in the top menu
  2. Choose User profiles in the Account page


Edit existing user profile

To edit an existing user profile, select the profile from the list. When selected, you have access to edit the profile or do the following.

  1. By clicking Deactivate the user can no longer use the profile. The account can later be reactivated if needed Activate
  2. Click  Delete and profile will be deleted. The action can not be undone.


Create user profile

New profiles can easily be created. 

  1. Choose Create new profile from the profile overview
  2. Fill out the full name and the user
  3. Fill out the users e-mail. Note: This will be the users log-in username
  4. Write the users phonenumber
  5. Choose role (see role description below)
  6. Choose the users perfered application language. 

User roles

As a user in Visma Addo you can choose three following types of user roles. Read about them here below.  

- Can see your own transactions in the transaction overview
- Can send documents for signature 

Group Administrator
- Can create and maintain user accounts for a group
- Can create and maintain templates for a group 

- Can create and maintain all user accounts
- Can create and maintain user groups
- Can buy credits
- Can create and maintain templates