Mail merge

Visma Addo can send the same standard document, combined with personal information, to efficiently obtain signatures from many recipients. By using mail merge, you avoid manually entering personal information in each document. Mail Merge can, for example personalize documents with individual names, addresses or member numbers.

To use the mail merge in Visma Addo you need two documents:

  • The mail merge document. The Word document which you wish to send. This document must contain merge fields for receiving the personal information you wish to insert.
  • The data set which contains the information you wish to merge with your Word document. Merge file must be uploaded in CSV-format.
    Download data set template

Send documents for signing

Follow these five steps to send all your documents for signing. Find Mail Merge in the top menu.

  1. Select template: Like regular signings, you must select which template to use for the collection of signatures.
  2. Read more about templates
  3. Upload your mail merge document: Upload your Word document from your computer.
  4. Upload your the data set: Your merge file is your data source. It contains the data set that you wish to merge with your Word document. The data set must be uploaded in CSV-format. 
  5. Validate the content of the data set: Click to validate the content of the data set. If the content is valid, a list of all recipients and their personal information will appear. Here you can also preview each document.
  6. Click Send to send documents for signing.

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