In this guide we will take a look at the messaging options available when sending a document for signing, and also review how to edit the text in invitation, reminder and reciept messages.

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Note to signer

Under the third step Messaging in the sending process the first option you have is the Note to signer. 

When you write a text under Note to signer, the note will displayed above the document to be signed when the recipients access the document. When you have written your note you can click on View example to view an dummy example. This will show you where your text will be placed.

It is not possible to change any formatting in this note.

Note: If you have several recipients the note will be shown to all recipients.

Invitation, reminder and receipt text

When creating a signing there are three different notifications your recipient can receive either by e-mail og SMS (depends on your setting for the individual signing).

Invitation message
The first notification is the Invitation message which will be sent to your recipient notifying them of the pending signing. If you do not change this text Visma Addo will send the standard text to your recipient. 

Reminder message
The second message is the reminder message. This will be sent to your recipient in case they should forget to sign the document. If you do not change this text Visma Addo will send the standard text to your recipient. When and how often a reminder is sent, is determined by the reminder settings which you can find in the first step when creating a signing.
Learn more about automatic reminders

Receipt message
The third an last message Visma Addo will send to your recipient is the reciept message. You as a sender can determined if your recipients should receive this reciept message along with a copy of the signed documents. If you do not change this text Visma Addo will send the standard text to your recipient. 

Editing the text in messages

You can easily edit the standard texts in these messages by simply writing the text you wish to send to your recipients. The text also consists of Addo standard parameters. These parameters will automatically pull information into your message. 

When sending to multiple recipients Visma Addo will pull the correct individual information in the different parameters. Ex. Visma Addo will automatically place the name of the recipient where the parameter %recipientname% is placed (%recipientname% = John Hansen).

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