Multiple recipients

Some documents require signatures from multiple people. This tutorial, will show you how to easily send documents for signing with multiple recipients.

Watch the video or read the guide below.

Adding multiple recipients

After starting a new signing, continuing to the second step Recipients where you can the you can add the recipients of the signing. You can add as many recipients as the signing requires. 

  1. Click Add new recipient
  2. Enter the information about the recipient. If your recipients is in the address book it will appear as you start typing. If the recipient is not in the address book and you want to add them, just check to box Save to address book. Even though you have already chosen a template with a signing method you can still change it for the individual recipient you that is prefered. Click Change setting under Signature method and authentication and change the method. You can also choose whether or not the recipient should receive a copy of the signed documents. 
  3. Click Add

A signing with multiple recipients will appear as a single signing on Signing overview.

Choose signature order

If you have multiple recipients you can specify the order of the signatures. Check the box “The document must be signed in sequential order” and place the recipients in the order you wish them to sign the document (the top recipient signs first).

If you wish to sign the document first
Put a checkmark in the "I must sign the document first". Then choose whether the subsequent signatures must be obtained in an arbitrary or sequential order.

If you do not select an order - the document is sent, and the signatures will be collected in an arbitrary order.

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