New template with advanced signing flow

In this guide we will review how to create a template with advanced signing flow. 

Watch the video or read the guide below.

Template settings

If you want to create a template with an advanced signing flow, here how to do it.

  1. Go to Account in the top menu and then click on Templates in the sub menu. 
  2. Click the green button Create new template to start creating a template.
  3. Give your template a name fx. Annual Report or for whatever process you wish to use the template for. 
  4. Select Advanced under Signing flow.
  5. Whether you are creating a template with simple or advanced signing flow the settings under Basic settings, notifications and security settings. This guide will not explain these settings but they are explained in depth in this guide. See this guide for help with the basic settings, notifications and security settings
  6. Now its time to add the recipient roles. A recipient role may contain one or more recipients and can have the title eg. Executive Board, Accountant or Conductor. Recipient roles lets you divide your recipients into groups in what ever way you want. This allows you to quickly and easily build the correct signing order.

  7. The next thing you have to do is add the document groups. A document group can contain one or more documents and lets you divide your document into groups. Each document group can have their own specific signing order. Document groups can be eg. Annual reports, Financial records or Protocols. 

    Note! Please note that there will be no actual recipients or no actual documents added when you are creating you template. Recipients and documents will be added once you use a template to create a signing. 

  8. The signing flow is build by add the recipient roles in prefered order for each document group you have created. You define the order of how the signatures must be obtained for the various document groups by placing the recipient roles in the prefered order. Each column indicates a signing stage where documents must be signed by one recipient role before they can be sent to the next stage and the next recipient role. Eg. documents in 1st signing must be signed before they are sent to the recipient roles in 2nd signing. You place the recipient roles in the different signing stages by clicking Add role where you wish to add a role. 

    1st signing
    : The recipient roles added to the 1st signing for the different document groups will receive the documents for signing first.
    2nd signing: The recipient roles added to the 2nd signing will receive the documents for signing when all of the recipient roles from the1st signing has signed the documents. This will be the same for the 3rd and 4th signing stage.
  9. When you are finished and click Save. The template can be found in the list of the template and will be available to the users you have selected.

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