Signing details

In addition to the information displayed in signing overview, each signing can be opened for more information. When you click and select a signing in the overview, a pop-up will show all the registered information and data about the specific signing.

What the video How to use the signing overview where signing details included (at 3:00 minutes in) or read the guide below.


If your signing has mulitple recipients, each recipient will be displayed in seperate big boxes at the top of the pop-up. The selected recipients will be marked by a big green box and it will be the details and information regarding this specific recipients, which will be available under the four tabs; Details, Documents, Activity log and Comments.


Here you will find details about the individual signing and its recipients. Below are signing ring status, shipment date, expiration date, and details on how the signature obtained.


Under Documents you can see which documents must be signed, and the enclosures attached to the signing. Click on a document to open it in a new tab.

Activity log

This is an overview of all registered events on the signing. You can also see if reminders have been sent, when your recipient has opened the document and when they have signed it.


Comments is an overview of the comments connected with the signing from both the sender and recipient.

Available actions

Besides access to the signing details, a few actions are available in details pop-up.
Here is your options:

Edit recipient’s details

  1. Click on the signing in the signing overview.
  2. Find the recipient information under the Details tab.
  3. Click Edit next to the information you wish to edit.
  4. Click Save and close the signing details pop-up.

Abort signing

  1. Select Abort signing if you wish to abort an ongoing signing.
  2. Confirm that you want to cancel the signing It is not possible to reactivate a signing which has been aborted.

Send a new notification to the recipient

  1. Click "Send a new notification to the recipient"
  2. Then choose how you want to send and what kind of notification you want to send.
  3. Click "Send" to send

Download documents

  1. Find the documents under tab "Documents".
  2. Click on the document you want to download and the document will open in a new browser tab.
  3. Download document

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