Signing overview

The signing overview is the first you see when you sign in. The Signing overview provides a complete list of all documents sent for signing and their current status. If a document to be signed by multiple signers, it will appear as a single signing.

Note! All signed documents are available for 10 days after the signing period has expired. Afterwards the document will automatically be deleted, while the information and data about the signing will remain accessible from the signing overview. E.g. if you create a signing with a duration of 30 days, the document will automatically be deleted after 40 days. 

To learn more about the signing overview watch the video or read the guide below.

How to use the signing overview

On the Signing overview you can see the status of each signing, as well as details such as the date of request, the signing type and how many credits was used on the signing. If you click on a specific signing, a pop-up will show all the registered information and data about the specific signing. 
Read more about signing details

Add columns to signing overview

You can change or add the columns in the Signing overview


  1. Click the gear icon in the bottom right corner of the Signing overview
  2. Put a checkmark next to the columns you want to see on Signing overview.

Downloading the signing Overview

You can also download the signing overview, here is how do.

  1. Choose the periode from where you want to download the signings.
  2. Then make sure the columns dislay all the information about the signings you want to download.
  3. Click the Download CSV to prompte the download.
  4. CSV file can then be opened in Microsoft Excel

Signing details

When a signing is opened in the detail view, all information that is registered about each individual signing will be displayed. Besides the signing details, there is also a few features which are described in the guide Signing details.

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