Templates are used to design specific sending and signing flows. In this guide you will learn how you, as an administrator, will find the template list as and how to create new or edit existing templates. 

Template list

The template list provides a list of all your templates. The list includes standard templates, but you can also create custom templates that match your needs.

Template order

You can also specify the order in which the templates should be listed when selected in the Signing flow. This means that you can place the most frequently used templates at the top of the list.

Template for groups

You can divide the users of your Visma Addo account into groups and assign different groups specific templates. A group can thus contain their own templates eg. HR employment contracts.

Add a template to a group

  1. Once you have created a group, the group will be visible in the templates list. 'Create new template' in the group you want to assign the template to.
  2. Fill in the template.
  3. Click Save to save the template

Contact support

Please contact our support team, if you can't find the answers you are looking for. Use the red help tool to the right or send an e-mail to addo@visma.com

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