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Visma Addo has the lowest prices on the market. You only pay for the signings and services that are used. No subscription fee or binding period.

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Your customer receives a link via e-mail or SMS, and can sign on computer, tablet or smartphone. The signed document is automatically sent to you both.

Digital Safety

Digital signature is usually used for important contracts and approvals. Documents with sensitive information need to be handled safely and correctly. Visma Addo is continuously updated to fullfill all legal and technical requirements.

We do not send sensitive data and we comply completely with GDPR. No documents are saved in Visma Addo, but all actions are logged and can always be documented.

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Create value with Digital Signature

Visma Addo handles routine tasks that involve approvals and signings. It saves time and money, and better yet—you get happy costumers. They can sign anywhere with their smartphone, tablet or computer.

A process of approval that can take as long as a week on paper, is completed in minutes with Visma Addo. Automatic notifications save considerable administration for you and your employees.

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