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How to send a document

Work smarter at the office with digital signatures. It takes just three easy steps to send a document for digital signing.


Upload the document to be signed


Select the receiver and the method of signing


Select where to send the signed document

Use all Nordic signatures

Touch signature

Danish NemID

Norwegian BankID

Swedish BankID

Finish Tupas

Visma Addo's features create value

Automatic Reminders

Notifications and reminders save you a lot of work

Secure Archive

Send signed documents to secure servers

Custom Process

Configure the signing flow to fit your business

Brand Recognition

Show your brand colours and logo to users

Mail Merge

Send the same document to be signed by many at one time

Sign from MS Office

Send to signing directly from all Windows applications

Roles and Rights

Full control of users and administration


Manage transactions from your start page

Address Book

Updated list of signers and senders

Google Drive

Get the signed documents directly in your Google Drive

Secure File Transfer

Send confidential files securely

Validate Identity

Confirm the identity of customers

Forms with Approval

Companies often need additional information from users when asking for consent. We create self-service solutions for companies, where users fill forms and sign digitally on the company's webpage. This is faster for all involved parties.

We would love to offer you a customised digital form solution for your company.

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You can integrate Visma Addo into your existing IT systems, creating exactly the solution your company needs.

Visma Addo has a strong and open API which makes it easy integrating to both standard systems and tailored IT solutions.

We help many companies develop integration solutions and are happy to give you an offer.

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System Partners

Visma Addo is built into many applications and business solutions. Products such as Cubes, e-Boks, Nets, Domidont, EasyCruit, Emply, Innomate, Legal Desk, MindKey, Tamigo, Temponizer and many more approve agreements and documents through Visma Addo.

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