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Lowest prices on digital signatures. No binding period or subscription.

Price per Signature

OK button: 1 credit per signature = from 0.87 EUR

Touch signature: 1 credit per signature = from 0.87 EUR

Danish NemID: 1.25 credit per signature = from 1.09 EUR

Norwegian BankID: 2 credit per signature = from 1.74 EUR

Swedish BankID: 1.25 credit per signature = from 1.09 EUR

Finnish Tupas: 2 credit per signature = from 1.74 EUR

Pay with Credits

The price for a signature is in credits. The more credits you buy, the more you save. Your credits never expire.

1 credit: 2.02 EUR per credit

50 credits: 1.61 EUR per credit

100 credits: 1.34 EUR per credit

500 credits: 1.14 EUR per credit

1,000 credits: 1.01 EUR per credit

2,000 credits: 0.94 EUR per credit

5,000 credits: 0.87 EUR per credit

If you need more than 5,000 credits a year, we will make a special agreement for you.

Contact us regarding a special agreement


You can choose that receivers must identify themselves before opening a document.

Two-factor SMS 0.1 credits
Danish NemID 0.25 credits
Swedish BankID 0.25 credits
SITHS 0.1 credits
Freja eID 0.1 credits


How do you want the signed document to be sent?

e-mail The signed document as attachment to an e-mail Free
e-Boks Send it directly to the e-Boks of the receiver 0.2 - 2.4 credits
Google Drive    Receive the signed document in your Google Drive 0.1 credits

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Secure File Transfer

Send files with confidential or personal information securely and legally. Send all file types up to 10 MB. They cannot be signed, only distributed.

Secure file transfer costs only 0.6 credits per downloaded document plus the chosen method of authentication.

Validation of Danish Customers

Confirm the identity of Danish customers with a scan of the Danish social security number system, CPR. It costs only 2.5 credits.


You can integrate Visma Addo into your existing IT systems, creating exactly the solution your company needs.

Visma Addo has a strong and open API which makes it easy integrating to both standard systems and tailored IT solutions.

We help many companies develop integration solutions and are happy to give you an offer.

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