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Price per Signature

Touch signature: 1 credit per signature = from 6.50 DKK

Danish NemID: 1.25 credit per signature = from 8.13 DKK

Norwegian BankID: 2 credit per signature = from 13.00 DKK

Swedish BankID: 1.25 credit per signature = from 8.13 DKK

Pay with Credits

The price for a signature is in credits. The more credits you buy, the more you save.

Your credits never expires.

If you need more than 1000 credits a year, we will make a special enterprise agreement for you.

Contact us regarding an enterprise agreement

1 credit: 8.00 DKK per credit

100 credit: 7.75 DKK per credit

200 credit: 7.50 DKK per credit

300 credit: 7.25 DKK per credit

400 credit: 7.00 DKK per credit

500 credit: 6.50 DKK per credit




You can integrate Visma Addo into your existing it solutions, creating exactly the solution your company needs.

Visma Addo has a strong and open API which makes it easy integrating to both standard systems and tailored it solutions.

We help many companies develop integration solutions and are happy to give you an offer.

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