March 12th, 2013

6:30-8:45 Breakfast ,  Room:Esplanade
  Room: Omega1


Keynote 1

One web to rule them all

Speaker: Håkon Wium Lie


Keynote 2

Legacy Code/New Code: Sustaining and Directing an Ecosystem.

Speaker: Michael Feathers

15 minutes Break

Room: Omega1
Chair: Dag Helge Lorås

Room: Alfa
Chair: Raluca M Popescu

Room: Beta
Chair: Olav Gjervan


Gamification: Having fun @work

Speaker: Kurt Swakhoven

From Copy a CD-ROM to a 24/7 Service catalog

Kennet D. Kusk

Scrum our way (Mamut R & D)

Speaker: Charlotte Nordnes-Jensen


Lunch  Break


Room: Omega1

Room: Omega1

Room: Alfa

Room: Beta


Team/Technical Practices for Sustainable Software Development

Speaker : Michael Feathers

Visma Control 007 -Shaken not stirred

Speaker : Ole Johan Wirsén, Camilla Johansson, Alexander Ivakin

Responsive Design –Deliver great user experience regardless of which device that is used(30 mins)

Speaker: Henrik Johansson

Practical Experiences Developing and Hosting SaaS solutions in Windows Azure(30 mins)

Speaker:Johan Bellander , Martin Öberg


Lightning talks                   

1 :VIP 2.0 , Visma R&D Micro Project Model(Sanna Lindkvist)

2:Introduction of XBRL  (Jarkko Rouvinen)

3:Lean Test Management(Daniel Jian )

4: Fostering your innovator’s DNA(Ashfaq Ahmed)

5: Refining and bettering processes using the agile methodologies: Scrum and Kanban  (Mostofa Azad)

6:  Experience of B2B eCommerce (Andreas Nivard)

Lightning talks                      

1: Meet our Micro Customers(Peter Härder)

2: Demystifying the Quality System and how to improve it (Ali Murtaza Khan)

3: User assistance now and  in the future(Per Karlsson)

4:Lesson learned testing Large scale integrations(Sharon Nüschen)

5:Automated testing in an agile environment  (Ioan Nicoara)

6: The  importance of good UI(Mariana Eggers,  Linda van Lieshout lindal)

Lightning talks                      

1: Introduction to Continuous Delivery(Martin öberg)

2: Introduction on building a windows Store App- Visma Infoline(Johan Yman)

3: Build rich and responsive interface in HTML with KnockoutJS (Tommy Hilding)

4 Web-based automatic testing with Watir(Jørgen Hvam)

5: MVC in the client. Building rich applications with angularJS(Andrei Banc)

Long break before dinner


Dinner at restaurant  Esplanade , Dress code: Casual

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