Francisco Javier Campa Lus

Francisco Javier Campa LusStarted his professional career in Mamut in 2008 as developer, working with domain name provisioning. As a fresh J2SE developer from university, this role gave him the opportunity to learn C# and different .net technologies as WCF, SQL Server,, etc. In early 2009, he was assigned the task to design and implement MPE (Mamut Provisioning Engine), an standalone provisioning system that would not have ties to any other back office system, and that could be used by all Mamut offices: Oslo, Czech Republic, Poland, Sweden, etc. The system was launched in November 2009, and it is today in use by 7 different organizations, provisions around 15 different services and handles the lifecycle of around half a million provisioning objects. In his free time, although he’s an active tennis player and enjoys mountain biking, he still spends most of his free time in front of a computer.

Presentation: Provisioning, from build to store and user
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