Gisle Forseth

Gisle Forseth, System Developer Visma On Demand team. As a developer in the On Demand team, Gisle Forseth has mainly been working on provisioning the physical parts of the platform. Essentially this includes deploying the application, configuring the host environment and database setup and population. In the past, he worked on COBOL compiler and runtime development with focus on Microsoft environments and Unicode. During this period he was also a popular lecturer at events around the globe on topics such as GUI, Internationalization, API programming and Unicode. Gisle started his professional career with one of the newest acquisitions, DI Systemer, where he worked on Order, Logistic, Purchase and accounting offices software as well as being head of the development team. In his spare time he is an avid fan of Harley Davidson motorcycles and hits the road as soon as there is a possibility.

Presentation: Provisioning, from build to store and user

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