Henrik Johansson

Henrik JohanssonUsability Engineer working at Visma SPCS and is part of the HCI group. Working with usability and user experience with Visma SPCS web applications and mobile solutions. Has experience in the whole user centered design process with the importance of understanding the users context, prototyping and evaluating concepts. Always put the users needs in the center.


Responsive design – Deliver great user experience regardless of which device that is used.
Good usability and availability from several devices such as smartphones, tablets and pc are increasing. The question is: how can we make sure that our users can access our content regardless of which device they are using? We will give you an introduction and lessons learned from working with responsive design at Visma SPCS.

Usability – How do we know that we deliver right customer value and simple UX?
The key is to involve customers early in the design process. Lessons learned and best practice from Visma eAccounting team who have done interviews, user-test, prototyping, mockups and research before starting to develop the new HTML interface.
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