Ioan Nicoara

Ioan NicoaraIoan Nicoara is a Quality Assurrer, based in Timisoara, passionate about software testing and about working guided by Agile principles.
Ioan is a Certified ISTQB Tester that graduated with B.Sc. in Computer Science in 2009 and with M.Sc. in Applied Mathematics in 2011. Ioan has about 3 years experience in software testing and about 2 years experience in practicing Agile.
His first job was as Software Tester Engineer at Alcatel-Lucent, within a Bell Lab project, Home Media Sharing.

Now, he works within the Sigma on Demand team at Visma. His focus is on automating with Selenium the GUI testing part of his team's project.
He values creativity and craftsmanship in both software development and testing.

Presentation: Automated testing in an agile environment
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