Jurriaan Wijnberg

Jurriaan WijnbergI have been working for AccountView (now Visma Software) for about 10 years. About 4 years ago we started our SaaS financials product AccountView Go for the micro market and I have been the lead in the development for that since. We have made a big transition from developing in Visual FoxPro with an integrated database only (AccountView Windows) to developing in c#/.Net/mysql/nhibernate/html5/javascript/jquery/css/webservices/etcetera. Web technologies are evolving quite rapidly and selecting and keeping up is an ongoing challenge. By applying agile methods to the development process (scrum, test driven development, continuous integration, devops) we have been able to create a successful solution with quite a small team (2-3 developers) and have been doing releases about every 8 weeks.

Automated testing is one of the things in the development process that I think is key for being successful. Having an automated testing framework and tests gives the ability to adapt easily to new technologies and new insights and  allows to introduce big architectural and functional changes with limited manual testing labor. In my experience the difficulty is not so much setting up a testing framework, or creating a simple test, but the difficulty is more in what to test, on what level to test (unit, integration, system/system, ui), how to create a good stable test that doesn’t require much maintenance.

My official role is system architect and I think that I can provide other Visma companies with a lot of experience and insight into automated testing, especially in SaaS products.

Presentation: Creating maintainable automated tests for QA’s and developers in a saas environment
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