Michael Feathers

Michael is an independent consultant, an active member of the software development community and a member of the ACM and IEEE. He regularly speaks at software conferences around the world. When Michael isn’t engaged with a team, he spends his time investigating new ways of altering design over time in codebases. His key passion is helping teams surmount problems and connect with practices that make software development fun and enriching. Michael is also the author of the book 'Working Effectively with Legacy Code.

Keynote: Legacy Code / New Code - Sustaining and Directing an Ecosyste

For decades, software has been seen as the focal point of a crisis. We look ever closer at software and try to understand how to make it better but we neglect to realize that in doing so we are succumbing to tunnel vision.  Software is part of a larger organizational ecosystem and it adapts to, and influences systems around it. In this keynote, Michael Feathers will expand upon this view and describe a path forward for sustainable production and maintenance of software. 

Session:Team/Technical Practices for Sustainable Software Development

In this session, Michael Feathers will describe ways to adjust software practice to highlight technical tradeoffs in development within a business context.  The techniques go beyond refactoring and deal with the interface between business and software development.

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