Michael Widenius "Monty"

Monty works as CEO & VP Community at Monty Program Ab. He is the creator and original developer of MySQL&  MariaDB ,second to do dual licensing on free software and first to do dual licensing on GPL, Open source advocate , software architect and designer , database expert especially with Maria DB& MySQL

What Monty is working on just now:

  • Working on MariaDB, an enhanced , drop-in replacement of MySQL
  • Investing through his investment company Open Ocean Capital, into innovative technology start-ups with big communities.

Past Experience:

  • MySQL Fellow and distinguished Engineer at Sun Microsystems
  • Sponsor at CAMBIA
  • Sponsor at Software Freedom Law Center
  • CTO at MySQL AB
  • Developer at Tranfor Data AB
  • Software Architect at TCX Datakonsult AB


Keynote: History of MySQL and MariaDB (and a bit of NoSQL)

The story of how MySQL was created, why it was successful and how it grow until it was sold to Sun, who was then overtaken by Oracle.

It will also cover how and why MariaDB was created and what we are doing to ensure that there will always be a free version of MySQL (under the name of MariaDB).

It will also include a short description of the new features in MariaDB, comparison with MySQL features and how MariaDB is becoming a bridge for NoSQL.


Session: How  to use MySQL in most efficient way

  • Performance tricks, optimizing MySQL database, hot to use views more efficient
  • Introduction about MySQL Query Engine, how to write more efficient queries.
  • How to backup/restore large database efficiently , etc.
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