Patrick Schop

Patrick SchopI have worked as a developer and system architect with AccountView (now Visma Software) for about 12 years. Currently I am system architect for the Government Portal and AccountView projects. My main interests are development processes and automated testing. I like to promote agile techniques like Test Driven Development and Pair Programming in the team. I strongly believe that starting early with testing and having multiple people look at the code from the beginning will result in better quality, and therefore will save time. When I promote development techniques I try to convince developers of these benefits instead of forcing the use of these techniques in every situation.

In my experience automated tests are not only useful for developers. In the AccountView team we also involve the QA's in the validation and definition of automated tests, even if this are unit tests. The main challenge in this approach is to make the developers aware that when creating a unit test they should not just focus on technique, but also look at the functional relevance of the test. Therefore I encourage all team members - not only the developers - to be involved in the process of automated (unit) testing.

Presentation: Creating maintainable automated tests for QA’s and developers in a saas environment
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