Peter Härder

Peter HärderJoined Visma Spcs in –95, as a support technician. Began working with software testing in –97 and became in 2001 manager of the test department. Are currently managing the department responsible for payroll systems at Visma Spcs, and are still working with QA-related questions in the company.

Private: I am 40 years old, married and have two daughters. I live in Älmhult, most famous for being the home of IKEA. Have been running for some years and so far completed two Stockholm Marathons. Are a micro customer myself - in my own company I develop software for betting on games like Stryktipset (Sweden), Tipping Midtuke (Norway), Tips 13 (Denmark) and Vakio Veikkaus (Finland).

Presentation: Meet our Micro Customers
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