Automation Talks

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Our automation talks give you a glimpse into the fascinating world of process automation.




Talk 1: Automation in Visma Enterprise AS

Leif Arne Brandsæter, Managing Director of Visma Enterprise AS, talks about how automation has changed the workspace, the value it gives to customers, and what automation will look like in the future.

Watch the talk with Leif


Talk 2: Automation and the future of HR

Nina Orucevic and Anna Carjova from Visma’s People Hub talk about HR tech, and how to enable automated solutions for HR so that they can spend less time on tech—and more time on people.

Watch the talk with Nina and Anna


Talk 3: Data Science and automation

Stian Westerhus Vale, Data Scientist in Visma, talks about how it is working with cutting-edge technologies within process automation in a leading tech company.

Watch the talk with Stian

Talk 4: Automation in Visma | Raet

Tom van Dael, Finance Director of Visma | Raet, shares the company’s automation journey and the value that they bring to their customers. Get an insight into how it is to work with Citizen Developers and what factors are needed to succeed.

Watch the talk with Tom

Talk 5: Customer usage data

Brian Ye, Product Insights Lead in Visma, shares his thoughts on the importance of customer usage data to further improve and automate our products and the great benefits we can derive from utilizing data collection at scale.

Watch the talk with Brian

Talk 6: Scaling Customer Experience with Automation

Edgars Dzenuška, Visma's International Customer Success Strategist, talks about Customer Experience, how automation can be adopted within Customer Success, and what advantages it can give your business and customers. You will also receive some hands-on tips on how to get started in practice!

Watch the talk with Edgars

Stay tuned!

We have more talks in the works, which will be published here as they are recorded.