Intelligent process automation - the best way to stay competitive

To all Visma customers, we now offer process automation for you to stay competitive and focus on your core business.

Visma IPA

Reduce tasks, save time

Companies have come a long way on their journey of becoming more digital and less paper-dependent. Still, our customers struggle with heavy loads of administrative work. Usually, these workloads come in batches, leaving the employees with high pressure and stress. This is the common work situation for people within payroll and other administrative areas. In the long run, such a work situation is unsustainable.

Intelligent process automation (IPA) is a powerful way of getting rid of manual processes and is highly effective when you have large volumes of repetitive tasks. The robots will release your resources to focus on more value-adding and complex activities that require human interaction.

Fast development is one of the biggest advantages of IPA; by quickly understanding what automation possibilities our customers have, we can within only two weeks have a robot up and running. A robot will execute a process the exact same way every time and will reduce the risk of human errors. This greatly increases data accuracy, for example when entering numbers in a system.

Our IPA team aims to save time for our customers by reducing boring, manual work tasks.


Project examples and use cases

About Us

We are an international team of eight people delivering software robots to automate manual and administrative work for our customers. The team was founded in 2017.

Currently, we have several robots in our robot-family and more are coming! Intelligent process automation is offered to Visma’s software customers in four of our markets: Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland and soon in the Netherlands.

We work as a DevOps team, meaning we are responsible for the entire delivery, from development to maintenance and operations. You do not have to worry about anything, except how to use the time we free up for you and your employees.

How does it work?

The robots we develop are not physical robots; they are virtual software agents working in one or several systems. This means that a robot will operate as an employee by clicking the same buttons, working with the same information, downloading and uploading the same files, and so on. The ability to work between different information systems facilitates bridging between them to transfer or compare data. The software agents are both faster and more accurate than us since they do not make human errors. In addition, they work 24/7, on a schedule or when you tell it to start—you decide!

In intelligent process automation, we combine robotic process automation (RPA) with machine learning. RPA is made up of robots following explicitly stated rules, while machine learning is the "next level of smartness" that does not need exact instructions beforehand but can learn along the way including from historical events. Based on identified patterns, the machine-learning robots understand how they should operate. The collection and processing of data is a typical area where IPA is applicable.

While robots are extremely resourceful, they are not likely to be able to solve everything on their own. When the robot cannot solve an issue or does not find the answer, it will forward the task to a human team member to handle it.

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