> VISMA Optimization Technologies

We love challenging problems. And we love to solve them.

By dedicating ourselves to the latest research within optimization, artificial intelligence and machine Learning, we seek to significantly improve the operations of our customers within healthcare, education and the private sector. By empowering clients with user-friendly, analytical tools in the cloud, we radically transform their manual processes into competitive advantages enabling them to make powerful decisions.

The success of applied optimization depends on domain knowledge and deep understanding of the underlying business. That is why we operate in teams where each member takes part in the whole value chain of the project - from business process improvement to mathematical modeling to algorithm construction, full-stack development and application hosting. We operate in teams of international, curious and devoted tech-talents.

Ongoing projects include combinatorial problems such as route optimization, nurse rostering, timetabling for schools and kindergarten allocation.

If you care about the societal impact of your work and possess the diverse set of skills, needed to adequately solve complex, real-world problems, we are very interested in getting to know you. Apply now for internships and full-time positions.

> Optional challenge for the curious

The task is to find the unique letters that should replace the digit ‘9’ and ‘8’. Every letter shall be assigned a unique base-10 digit, and the solution is without leading zeros. The digits should be found by solving the following equation:

+  ml
+  ai
+  np
= love

98 = ?

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