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  • Visma Raet employees

    Employee engagement is key to positive social impact

    At Visma | Raet, employees form the backbone of their sustainability policy. By working together with customers, partners and other businesses on social initiatives, they are committed to making a real difference for society.

  • Man sitting in a sofa looking at his computer

    What are data backups and why are they important?

    Losing critical data can be devastating for a company. How can you make sure that your organisation’s data is secure, how should you set a solid backup strategy, and what are the advantages and disadvantages of storing your data on cloud servers versus on-premise servers?

  • Woman working on computer with headset on

    — This is what digitalisation is really about

    Vidar Evensen is one of Visma’s foremost experts on digitalisation. In this interview, he goes in-depth on what digitalisation is really about—and gives good advice on how companies can succeed with their digitalisation journey.

  • Woman looking at a paper report

    The state of AI in 2021

    Stanford University recently launched the 2021 AI Index Report, highlighting the use of AI and its current impact on politics, economics and society. We have chatted with the Data Science Director in Visma, Michael Håkansson, about diversity in AI, the upsides and downsides of AI, and what he believes the future of artificial intelligence looks like.

  • Applying for studies? Choose technology!

    Choosing higher education is a big decision. What do I want to work with, and what is “wise” to choose when thinking about future labour market opportunities? One thing is for sure: to solve the societal challenges we face, we need expertise in technology more than anything else in the years to come.

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    What is ethical hacking?

    Not all hackers are bad—in fact, ethical hackers can help companies strengthen their security measures. But how does bug bounty programs and responsible disclosure programs work, and what does the process of ethical hacking look like?

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    What is an IT Security Policy?

    Every organisation—from startups to large, global corporations and nonprofits—must make sure that they have procedures to keep up with an ever-changing landscape of threats and vulnerabilities to keep its assets secure. But what is an IT Security Policy, and how do you enforce them?

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    Turning the UEFA Euro into math

    The Finnish company Weoptit, a company in Visma, has turned the UEFA Euro tournament into math and simulations. Based on a model originally built by their analysts prior to the World Cup 2006, they have played out the tournament 1,000 000 times to find out what results each team can expect from this summer’s football festival.