3 timesaving tips for content creation

Content is king! The information we consume are content created to trigger us – it may provoke you, make you smile (“cute cats” gets about 43,600,000 hits on Google) or answer the questions you have. Because of the information overload we all are experiencing, the demand for quality is increasing.

In Visma we stress the importance of creating content on a regular basis.

It takes time
There is a need for continuous content creation in order to engage your followers, keep up with trends, and to keep the attention of your followers. The time spent maintaining social channels are often underestimated and corporate channels created on a personal initiative often run dry when there is a lack of goals and strategy.

Production on a regular basis
In order to maintain the interest of your followers you must produce content on a regular basis. And when speaking of content, it may vary from a shared picture to a comprehensive blog post or a video. Furthermore, the content in itself isn’t enough; you need to have a purpose and a goal – do we want likes? Leads? Or Website traffic?

Talk to the person behind the decision
Being a B2B-company, I believe that remembering the human aspect is essential. We are talking to decision-makers, and using an informal and personal tone is important in order to create contact. The communication is still human-to-human, after all. Hence, you should provide your followers and readers with valuable content and avoid “pushy” sales messages. The ideal position is when you are perceived as an expert within your field.

The impression after leaving your blog, for instance,  should be that you would like to seek advice from the author or the company the next time you have questions on this subject.

3 timesaving tips for content creation:

  1. Start with what you already got – you can create good content from a campaign page – make it a blog post, a tweet and a LinkedIn update (but fit the message to the channel)
  2. Is there something relevant happening? Have you attended a conference or is there a change in tax regulations you could blog about?
  3. Cooperate with colleagues across units. What are they doing and can their content be reused?

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