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  • How can robotics lift HR processes?

    How can robotics lift HR processes?

    Today, many of the processes within an HR department are administrative, repetitive work. Automation of HR processes can enable HR to spend more time on their core tasks: engaging, attracting and developing employees!

  • Are you exploring the opportunities in the Cloud?

    Cloud basics: Deployment models

    What is the difference between public cloud, private cloud, community cloud and hybrid cloud? And what are the benefits of the different types?

  • What projects do our Management Trainees take part in?

    What projects do our Management Trainees take part in?

    Every year, we welcome several Management Trainees that get to work on five exciting and business-critical projects throughout a year. We have talked to Axel, one of this year’s Management Trainees, about his experiences working on an acquisition project with the M&A department. 

  • Visma Summer Interns 2020

    Visma Summer Interns: Working in an empty office

    Every year, we invite a handful of interns to work with us during the summer. This year has naturally been a little different, with most of our employees working from home. So what has it been like for our summer interns this far?

  • How to become a customer-driven business

    How to become a customer-driven business

    Many companies claim to be customer-driven without having a conscious relationship to what it means. What actions can you take to become a customer-driven organisation and increase growth and profitability?

  • Visma EasyCruit receives data privacy attestation

    Visma EasyCruit receives data privacy attestation

    We believe it is important to make sure that all the work we do is in line with leading international privacy regulations. Visma is pleased to offer our customers one of the first audit assurance reports; the ISAE 300 type I, issued on June 16th 2020, made for compliance towards GDPR, in this case for the Visma EasyCruit product! 

  • From high churn to customer delight

    From high churn to customer delight

    How did we manage to transition from a below-average customer satisfaction score to receive an international award in 2020 for customer excellence? In this article, we share how different methods of gathering customer feedback have resulted in happy customers and better user experience. 

  • Say hello to the robots – they have come to stay

    The robots have come to stay

    Robotics, also known as RPA (Robotics Process Automation) has been one of the buzzwords within the world of technology for several years. And it does not appear to be a mayfly, rather quite the contrary. So what does robotics mean for the organisation – not to mention the employees? Will robots become our new colleagues or will they take over our work tasks entirely?

  • – This is my dream job

    – This is my dream job

    What is it like to work with development in Visma? We have talked to Kasper and Jacob who are currently working on an AI project where Kasper is the Project Lead and Jacob is part of the Optimization Technology team that develops the algorithm.  

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  • Learning UX Fundamentals remotely and getting to know the Visma UX value loop

    Learning UX Fundamentals remotely

    In the midst of my colleagues and I working from home, I had the opportunity to learn and test the basics of how we work with UX in Visma. During three days, I participated in a remote version of the training “UX Fundamentals”. At first I was a bit sceptical about the concept of effectively taking and teaching remote classes, but not anymore. By using Google Meet together with the collaboration tool Mural, we had no problems.