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  • From high churn to customer delight

    From high churn to customer delight

    How did we manage to transition from a below-average customer satisfaction score to receive an international award in 2020 for customer excellence? In this article, we share how different methods of gathering customer feedback have resulted in happy customers and better user experience. 

  • Say hello to the robots – they have come to stay

    The robots have come to stay

    Robotics, also known as RPA (Robotics Process Automation) has been one of the buzzwords within the world of technology for several years. And it does not appear to be a mayfly, rather quite the contrary. So what does robotics mean for the organisation – not to mention the employees? Will robots become our new colleagues or will they take over our work tasks entirely?

  • – This is my dream job

    – This is my dream job

    What is it like to work with development in Visma? We have talked to Kasper and Jacob who are currently working on an AI project where Kasper is the Project Lead and Jacob is part of the Optimization Technology team that develops the algorithm.  

  • passwordless login

    Better user experience with Passwordless Authentication

    We have been an early adopter of 2FA to provide secure access to customer data. Earlier this year we also added support for the newer FIDO2 standard for 2FA, making us one of the first large enterprises in Europe to adopt this innovative technology.

  • Tailoring the customer journey to new online behaviours

    Tailoring the customer journey to new online behaviours

    As a response to the current situation, individuals across the globe have turned into digital workers and are adopting new online behaviours. In this article, we share our best practices on how companies can adapt their current customer journeys to stay digitally connected with their customers and provide them with engaging online experiences.

  • Learn how Visma played a central role in my education

    Visma played a central role in my education

    I am a week away from finishing my bachelor studies in interaction design at Malmö University. For me it has been an exciting journey to further my education from lingerie design to user-experience design. Especially looking back at the past year were Visma has played a central role in my education.

  • Organising for successful software development

    Organising for successful software development

    How did our Service Delivery Team manage to speed up our software delivery from releasing six software features per year – to an average of eight features per month? The answer lies in the concept of Team Topologies.

  • Visma trust empowerment to increase security

    Empowerment to increase security

    The power of getting your voice heard, and the knowledge that what you say, actually matters, is what has brought success into Visma’s’ security program. We are proud to share how Visma managed to embed security into the software development teams’ culture, and thereafter, successfully increase security. 

  • 7 tips on how to successfully run remote workshops

    7 tips on how to successfully run remote workshops

    Although digital collaboration can be challenging, it can also give exceptional results if done right. Working remotely still allows for creativity and cross-functional collaboration. Over the past weeks, we have run several remote workshops and made up some experiences along the way. In this article, we share our top tips on how to succeed.

  • Learning UX Fundamentals remotely and getting to know the Visma UX value loop

    Learning UX Fundamentals remotely

    In the midst of my colleagues and I working from home, I had the opportunity to learn and test the basics of how we work with UX in Visma. During three days, I participated in a remote version of the training “UX Fundamentals”. At first I was a bit sceptical about the concept of effectively taking and teaching remote classes, but not anymore. By using Google Meet together with the collaboration tool Mural, we had no problems.

  • Kejsi Gjordeni

    Data analytics as a Management Trainee

    In its raw form, data is not information but processed in the right way it can be turned into information. Amanda, Kejsi and Bjarte share their thoughts on data analytics as a business-critical tool.

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