4 Things Moving to Norway Taught Me About Cloud Computing

Relocating is generally a stressful experience. Being an American living in Norway I have gone through the process of relocating from one country to another, and it is no walk in the park. During this transition period I learned many lessons about how to handle change and ultimately how to thrive in a new environment.

1) To avoid irrelevance, you must change and grow.

Moving somewhere with no job and no place to live was nothing short of scary. Similarly, transferring your data into the cloud may seem daunting, but to avoid being irrelevant, you must grow. Clinging to the past won’t help you or your business when cloud-based tools overcome the concerns over performance, flexibility, and security. Is change scary? Absolutely. But even more so, it’s empowering.

2) You won’t be the first to make such an adjustment.

Between filling out residency applications and signing up for Norwegian language courses, I began feeling isolated. After a quick web search I found numerous groups of people who were going through the same struggles. Knowing I was not alone was a positive push forward. Just the same, there are thousands of businesses that have switched from on-prem to the cloud. Once you see technology going in a direction that’s unstoppable, don’t get in the way or try to stem the tide.

3) There is no time like the present.

Fresh out of college with no career or huge responsibilities, I had options. I also had student loans that were about to kick in. I could have stayed at home and focused on saving money and then moved abroad, but the reality is that there is no such thing as the perfect time. Waiting for ‘the perfect time’ to move to the cloud only puts you further behind the competition. Gain a competitive edge by making now the perfect time. The shift to the cloud is here and it plans on staying.

4) It’s not always easy, but it’s worth it.

Before moving to Norway, I could choose to move thousands of miles away or to stay in the same place. While the latter is a safer, more comfortable option, moving meant more opportunities for growth and experiences I would not have gained otherwise. The same applies to moving your business to the cloud – keep all of your data stored locally, or move it into the cloud. Although relocating all of your data may seem daunting, it is necessary. By challenging the norm, you create a stronger focus on what’s important: your business.

Life is always going to give us options, we need to decide for ourselves which direction is best and go for it. Hold nothing back. The time to jump into the cloud is now. Actually it was about 9 months ago…better get going.