4 Ways to Stay Motivated During the Holidays

Stress can easily affect you and your employees around the holiday season, which often results in a lack of motivation in the workplace. Read four ways to stay motivated during one of the busiest, jolliest times of the year.

The holiday season is fast approaching and we realise how easy it is for employees to lose focus on work. There are treats to be baked, parties to be planned and Christmas shopping that needs to be done.  So it is no surprise that many of us begin to feel stressed or less motivated.

December is often associated with high work pressure and end of year deadlines. This can be a lethal mix for an already  packed schedule.  It is easy to feel overwhelmed and burnt out. Stress can easily affect you and  your employees around the holiday season, which often results in a lack of motivation in the workplace.  

We have asked the Marketing Director of the Commercial Unit, Elizabeth Kleive, how she helps employees maintain focus during the holiday season.

Here are her four tips to help keep employees motivated into the New Year:

1. Show appreciation

There is no better time to show appreciation of your employees than during the holidays. This can be done through taking a trip out of the office to engage in a team-building activity, praising success, or hosting a Christmas dinner. This will help add meaning to your employee’s work, which is a great way to keep them motivated throughout the holiday season.

2. Be happy and festive

When things get hectic, it is important to keep people motivated by remaining happy and festive. Everyone has so much going on for the month of December, which is more reason to lead by example and maintain a positive attitude.

3. Do small gestures

You should never underestimate the power treats have in an office setting. One way to keep employees energised and excited is to provide small tasty gestures throughout the month of December. This could be chocolates or gingerbread. You and your employees will be extra grateful!

4. Create a fun and festive environment

Spread the joy in the office by inviting employees to wear their ugliest Christmas sweater one day.  Award the ugliest with a small gift.

If you are interested in more performance optimising tips, check out our guide, “5 Tips for Optimum Performance.” Keep an eye out for more Tips from the Top this holiday season!

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