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  • Kejsi

    Data analytics as a Management Trainee

    In its raw form, data is not information but processed in the right way it can be turned into information. Amanda, Kejsi and Bjarte share their thoughts on data analytics as a business-critical tool.

  • What are the benefits of digital invoicing?

    What are the benefits of digital invoicing?

    E-invoicing is one of many ways businesses can take advantage of digital solutions for running core activities. But what is the difference between traditional and digital invoicing, and what are the benefits of doing the latter? 

  • Cloud technology

    Work smarter with digital solutions

    Whether your business is familiar with working digitally, or you have been forced to adapt over the last couple of weeks, here are some tips that will help you work more efficiently. 

  • How to fix security issues in code faster

    How to fix security issues in code faster

    Is there a way to fix security issues in codes faster? In this article, our Product Security team will share how they improved the timeline to fix security issues in the analysis part of the source code. 

  • Building the right things with the Visma UX Value Loop

    Build the right things with the Visma UX Value Loop

    When we talk about user experience, we talk about the experienced look, feel and usability of a product or service. But to ensure that we deliver products and services that solve real problems and meet user needs and expectations, we need to understand our customers and end-users – really understand them.

  • Better together with APIs

    Better together through APIs

    How technology empowers people depends on how it is being applied, and that is why we are now launching a new portal focused exclusively on APIs. We want you to take part in creating a dynamic network of products interacting with each other—to deliver meaningful and easy to use solutions that improve lives.

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    What is an IT Security Policy?

    Every organisation—from startups to large, global corporations and nonprofits—must make sure that they have procedures to keep up with an ever-changing landscape of threats and vulnerabilities to keep its assets secure. But what is an IT Security Policy, and how do you enforce them?

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    Turning the UEFA Euro into math

    The Finnish company Weoptit, a company in Visma, has turned the UEFA Euro tournament into math and simulations. Based on a model originally built by their analysts prior to the World Cup 2006, they have played out the tournament 1,000 000 times to find out what results each team can expect from this summer’s football festival.