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  • Fighting malnutrition in East-Africa

    Fighting malnutrition in East-Africa

    Visma’s mission is to empower people and businesses through innovative technology. For two months this summer, one of our Management Trainees worked towards this goal in East-Africa.

  • optimization team

    Better nursing care with time window expansions

    Throughout the summer, we had the pleasure of working together with Summer Interns Martin Olstad Willoch and Jonas Forfot. The task at hand was in the domain of route optimisation for nurses in the home care sector in Norway. How can we help nurses spend more time with patients and less time on the road?

  • Traveling with Visma

    Traveling with Visma

    What is it like to work as an Management Trainee in Visma? Read about Alexander’s several projects which took him to Oslo, Stockholm, Amersfoort and Copenhagen.

  • Avinor case study

    How Avinor improved its corporate governance

    For a long time, Avinor used a relatively complex support system in Excel to follow up on strategic corporate governance. In 2017 they started looking for an easy to use system for reporting and follow-up, and today they have a solution that is used on a daily basis and that is available to everyone – which has helped them improve their corporate governance. 

  • The New Kid on the Block: Customer Effort Score?

    The New Kid on the Block: Customer Effort Score?

    According to research, reducing customer effort in customer interactions increases their loyalty. Get to know how one of the Management Trainees created and implemented the methodology of Customer Effort Score in Visma.

  • Video application

    The power of video applications in recruitment

    Imagine a recruitment process that is more collaborative, inclusive and efficient – already at the resume screening stage. Videos are valuable for recruiters to better identify the most promising candidates for a vacancy. Learn more about the power of incorporating video applications in your hiring process.

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