About Simina


My name is Simina Harla, I am 24 years old. I am a Quality Assurer Trainee in Visma Software, Sibiu, Romania. I studied economics in Timisoara, Romania, at the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration, my major was International Economics. This year, in July I graduated a master’s degree in Finance. For my master’s thesis I chose the subject of financial markets.  I selected three crucial
commodities: oil, cereals and gold, for which I analysed the evolution of values over a certain period of time and the causes for this trend. One of my hobbies is hiking 🙂

I work in the Sibiu office, part of R&D, I was assigned to a very interesting project that I consider helpful for users. From what I understood in my first two weeks here, the quality assurer’s main activities are analysis of requirements, testing the software and I believe it takes a lot of research in order to fully understand all the façades of a project. I was lucky to take part in a workshop during my first week. In this way I was able to see the “big picture” and to meet all the members of the team.

I think working in Visma is a great opportunity, a step forward. I find my job challenging due to the fact that I used to work in a bank and even though I used different software programs, I never saw “behind scenes”.

From what I heard from my colleagues and what I read about Visma, the thing that  I admire most about this company is the opportunity given to everyone to “blossom” :), encouraging creativity and also providing the respect and the support people need in order to become the best at what they do. I look forward to learning as much as I can from this experience.