About the recruitment process


With the application deadline for the Management Trainee program quickly approaching, I wish to take this opportunity to provide you with some information regarding the recruitment process which will be as follows:

  • Application deadline October 14th 2011
  • Send an application to me if you are interested in working as a Management Trainee at Visma: marianne.koien.paulsen@visma.com
  • The application has to include cover letter, resume and a copy of your academic transcript (Bachelor’s and Master’s degree), and if relevant, letter of recommendations
  • Received applications will be distributed internally before the screening process commences

The interview process will consist of three rounds for the successful applicants:

  • First round will be a general interview with a small case study, and it will be similar for all applicants. It will take place over the phone and last approximately 30 minutes
  • Round two will consist of a more personal interview conducted by one of the leaders in Visma. It will also take place over the phone.
  • Round three will be a group interview where you will be given the opportunity to cooperate with other applicants in solving a specific task. This will take place at our headquarters at Skøyen, Oslo.

Our focus is on facilitating a process which will give you a positive experience from the application process. We have been in your shoes and know how much time and effort you spend writing your applications. We look forward to receiving your applications.

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