All managers should blog

As managers we all burn for something. We all have visions and dreams. And we have our goals and targets. But we are not particularly good at sharing those thoughts with others. If all managers used 10% more of our time to communicate what we really are focused on right now, I think our success would be even greater. It would be easier for people both inside and outside our company to understand where we are heading and why. Even for customers it would have benefits: they would have a better understanding of our priorities and where to put resources.

Therefore I’m happy that we have put Digital Marketing on our agenda on this week’s VMA (Visma Management Academy), and 25 managers are in this very moment writing their first blog ever on Visma’s corporate blog. Hopefully this will trigger them to blog more, and that others will follow their examples.

Benjamin Aker works as a Web Consultant at Visma, bridging the gap between online communications, technology and design. With over 15 years' experience as a digital designer / developer in the advertising business, paired with a strong curiosity, he has a wide range of knowledge of different subjects that come in handy at Visma. Privately, Benjamin composes electronic music in various genres, loves photography and videography, and all things technical. 
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