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Are you exploring the opportunities in the Cloud?

We are moving more and more of our services to the Cloud and are exploring the opportunities and befits this give us and the customers.

Are you exploring the opportunities in the Cloud?

In our customer magazine VISMAgazine we made an interview author and media professor Jeff Jarvis and talked about the opportunities in the Cloud. In this blog post I will try to sum up some of the most important aspects of this interview and if you want to watch the whole interview you can find the WebTV interview below.

Jarvis highlights that it is important to understand the different digital opportunities we are exposed to in a digital world. Further he emphasize that you first and foremost must look beyond the borders of your business and not to be restricted by constructions in technology. – Use the Cloud to become more efficient, flexible and as a tool to redefine your business, states Jarvis.

It is important to adapt to the opportunities to exploit the potential of the organization, reduce costs and finding new business areas.

What is your experience with Cloud solutions? Feel free to share them below.

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