A beginner’s guide to Visma

As there are few industries changing as fast as ours, Visma is depending on superior competence combined with an innovative culture in order to fulfill our goal, which is to:

Provide our customers with solutions that keep them one step ahead of their competitors


Key Figures

Our CEO, Øystein Moan, has since 1997 taken the company from 300 to 5,600 employees, and increased revenue from EUR 30 million to EUR 900 million. Revenue for 2013 was NOK 6,452 million, and we have 340,000 customers (plus 330,000 hosting customers), ranging from small businesses to large enterprises. Read more about our key figures here.





Visma has its headquarter in Oslo, which means that all the trainees are close to where top decisions are made. Moreover, Visma is present in 14 countries and have more than 100 offices in Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, UK, Ireland, the Netherlands, Romania, Poland, Spain, Czech Republic and Serbia – which give interesting destinations for the Management Trainee (MT) projects.

In the current period, the six MTs are located in Stockholm, Oslo, Copenhagen and Sibiu (Romania). Here they will live and work for the next two months before heading to their respective new projects at various Visma offices. Read more about the Management Trainees here.





The Visma Group comprises three divisions, based on our various market segments. Our trainees (Sales Trainees, Software Developer Trainees, Accounting Trainees and Management Trainees) are represented in all three divisions.


Software SMB provides solutions for small and medium sized businesses. Our customer promise is to provide small businesses, who do not possess financial expertise in-house, with the tools to solve admin and accounting related tasks efficiently and effortlessly.

Software GLA provides solutions for government institutions and large enterprises. Included in this segment are retailers and organizations providing education, welfare services and healthcare services.

Business Process Outsourcing provides accounting, payroll and financial consultancy services, as well as staffing. BPO helps enterprises of all sizes looking to outsource parts of – or their entire – administrative processes. Through our services, our customers can spend their time and resources on their core activities.



Figures from the 2013 Annual Report

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