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Boom! Back in Oslo!

An update from our Finnish management trainee Ben Weber on the new year, new projects, new knowledge and new opportunities.

Management trainee Ben

New year, new project and and new opportunities

We have now started our third project and have almost reached the half point of this year as management trainees. So far, I have had my first project in Oslo together with all other management trainees and the second one was back home in Helsinki. It really feels like yesterday when we all first started this journey together with Visma. Naturally, this just shows that time actually does fly when you are having fun and get to experience new interesting things!

Quick pitstop for new knowledge in Stockholm

Year 2018 started with our first management trainee gathering before we began our new projects in different locations. I have to say, it was nice to see everyone again after nearly three months apart from each other. We all met up at Visma’s Stockholm office for two days of interesting presentations and workshops held by key people in the organization.

The focus of our training laid in the Visma way of working. This included highly interesting information about Visma’s M&A (Mergers & Acquisitions) process, project management and data visualization. However, this trip consisted of more than just business activities. We also went on a pleasant dinner and had a small, but competitive shuffleboard game session. In addition to the knowledge I gained during our training I also learned that I should not pursuit a career in the pro shuffleboard scene.

Management trainees playing shuffle board

Nonetheless, hard to imagine a better way to start the new year! Now it was time to start our new projects.  

Welcome back – Quantifying the impact of IFRS 16

“Hi Ben, nice to see you again! I’ve shared some material with you regarding IFRS 16. Take a look at it and quantify the effects this new standard is going to have on Visma.” Wait, what? What does that even mean? Well, better get acquainted with my new office chair!

IFRS 16 is a new lease accounting standard coming into effect in the beginning of 2019. Basically, the new standard enforces most of a company’s leases to be accounted for in the balance sheet instead of presented in the notes of the annual report. This in turn will have an impact on many key figures that are of interest to various stakeholders. Currently, there are two ways of accounting for leases and IFRS 16 will make history of that to a large extent.

I understand that someone might say “bla bla bla, boooring” to a project like this. Afterall, Visma is a software company. I, on the other hand say, lets get number crunching!

So far, so good…

When writing this post, I started reflecting on what makes Visma and the management trainee program so great. Now, most of you think “yeah yeah Ben, you can cut the corporate branding BS now…”. However, it truly amazes me that thus far, there are no things that have been negative surrounding this program or the organization. I have simply concluded that this must be down to luck. Or maybe Visma and the roman philosopher Seneca equally much value the art of preparation?

“Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity.” – Seneca

I hope that year 2018 continues with the same good flow as 2017 ended, both for you and me!

You can read more about the whole trainee crew here!

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