Can you teach economics to an engineer?

Ida at her desk

My name is Ida Groth, I am 27 years old, an grew up in central Oslo. I have a master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering and Technology Based Entrepreneurship from NTNU in Trondheim, and started as a Management Trainee in Visma in late August this year.

I applied for Visma because I wanted to be a Trainee in a Nordic technology company in rapid growth, while also learning things that were not only technological. As an engineering graduate I have asked to be placed in projects were I can learn about economy and finance, as I have only had a few courses relating to these subjects, and none addressing them directly. I believe anyone who aspires to a be a leader at some level should have a minimum of insight into these areas.

My first Trainee project brought me to Copenhagen as a business controller, on a mission the make the 2012 budget of the Danish part of Visma’s Software Division. Now, I am learning a lot of new expressions and have created some very pretty diagrams in Excel. I am also picking up on some of the dos and don’ts of accounting in an IT company. The task seemed impossible at first, but now I have broken it down into smaller parts, and feel as if I may be approaching a reasonable amount of control. This is a good thing, as I will present the first draft of the budget to the board of Visma Software Denmark in 9 days. By then, I will also have completed a risk assessment, which I am sure will be very enlightening. All in all I am starting to enjoy the role of business controller. By the time I gain my full level of self-confidence, however, I will be embarking on a new project, the theme of which I do not know yet. I am getting very curious about the Projects and Consulting division, among other areas, so I hope I will get to swing by there at some point. Only time will tell!