Capture the moment and give back

We are exposed to hundreds of impressions every day and some leaves bigger marks than others. Kristian Harby has decorated one of our big, white, naked walls in our canteen with his pictures. We get pictures representing hope, joy and enthusiasm from societies less fortunate than us, at the same time we are giving education to children in need.

PictureAid’s purpose is uncomplicated: With every picture sold – education is given back to a child in need. Kristian is using his profession as a photographer to give something back to the people he meets along his journey, and his philosophy is simple: “Capture the moment and give back”.

– My initial idea came from the desire to be able to give something back to the people, societies and destinies I am privileged enough to meet and capture on my camera around the world, Kristian explains enthusiastically. Kristian’s journey started when he was 12 years old, and was given the opportunity to visit Laos together with Norwegian Church Aid. With his dad’s old camera around his neck, he was ready to capture the world. In the years to come his passion for photography increased along with the impressions he got on his trips around the world.

Village life in Laos

– The PictureAid concept fell into place when it occurred to me how much money is hung on office walls around the world every year. What do these decorations really mean to the people looking at them every day? I wanted to give them wall decorations that can mean something to them. They can look at them and know that through buying this picture they are making a difference and at the same time it tells them a story and represents a window out to the world that surrounds us. I want them to see stories that emanate joy and hope, not sadness or poverty. We have a lot to learn from these people, there is so much happiness and energy out there and I truly want this energy to rub off on the workplace, he emphasizes.

At this point PictureAid has established bases through the national Red Cross in Lesotho. In 2012, 50 children are receiving education through PictureAid, and the coming year is set to 200.

Kristian wants local resources to administrate PictureAid’s bases and at the same time be able to generate employment for the society around the children who receive help. His dream is to have a map of the world on PictureAid’s homepage which, in time, will show an enormous web of connections going to all the locations where PictureAid has planted its roots, to all the edges of the planet – making a world of difference.

We, in Visma, are one of the newest members to the PictureAid family giving our naked walls greater potential. Through this engagement, sixteen children yearly will receive full support of their education. Education; so that they themselves can get a chance to decide their own potential.

The wall at the Visma canteen decorated by Kristian’s pictures