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Low-Res Prototyping: Fast-Forward Your Product Development

I’m currently working on a product redesign for a self-service support desk. Although there are various facets to rebuilding this product (UI improvements, adding and optimizing functionality, user navigation, cross-integrations with other products and content providers – which will all be launched via continuous development) the first priority is creating a new look and feel for the users. For those ...

AI for schools

Greetings from Dublin! We are two students from NTNU studying Industrial Engineering and Technology Management with specialization in artificial intelligence (AI), empirical finance and optimization. We are both genuinely interested in solving optimization problems through approaches from AI, and this summer we are using our knowledge in this field by working for VSware located in Dublin. One year ago, Visma ...

Finding my place as a Management Trainee

When I started as a Management Trainee eight months ago, I had ample experience with working in a large organization. During our one year as Management Trainees we get to work as project managers on five different projects. As each project progresses, we learn something new about ourselves - we gain new confidence in our skills, and we learn what skill-sets we would like to explore further.